(Music and lyrics by Harmony James)

You’re like a headache that won’t quit
I am the joke that you don’t quite get
A day at the beach when the clouds roll in
And the fish that got away again
We were a tree that never did bear fruit
Taking up space with its deep-down roots
Looking just right in the countryside
But really only throwing shade

I’m not sorry I met you
I’m sorry I let you tell me things you didn’t mean
I seem so strong on the outside
They’d never know I’d have you back again
If I thought it would change

The gift you received that didn’t suit your taste
Like meeting your hero in his fall from grace
Losing the spark when the dream came true
Learning the goal posts will always move


It got pretty dark when went our ways
I have no doubt we’ll see the light some day
It’ll make sense and we’ll be both okay
Somebody new won’t never need to say