Concrete Shoes

Music and lyrics by Harmony James

Headed out around 2 am, it’s a long 5 miles in a bitter wind
Even the wild dogs won’t go roaming when it’s deep in dark July
I sat me down at the station end, closed my eyes and I waited then
The train was coming around the bend, I heard the whistle cry

I’ve heard it all a thousand times
But it doesn’t ever change my mind
It pulls in here at the loading dock
And there’s fuel and there’s beer and there’s lumber coming off
So there’d be plenty of room if I should choose
But I sit right here in my concrete shoes
Lord knows I believe I’ve tried, I’ll be back again tomorrow night

By the time I’m back across town, the moon has got to hiding out
Lamps are lit in the neighbors’ house and dawn is like a sheet of ice
The first light slowly eases through, it’s grey across the barren stoop
I’m through the gate and past the chicken coop, they startle as they start to stir


Which is the worse fate, how can I decide?
To make my escape or just wait here to die