The Life She Left

Music and Lyrics by Harmony James

I’m not here to judge, I’m only here to listen
You can speak your mind, say whatever you’ve been thinking
And I’ll nod a little, shake my head a little
Try to speak as little as I think I should
Maybe it’s too soon, maybe I’m mistaken
Maybe I’m a shoulder and you think that I can take on
All the hurt you feel, get it off your chest
Tell me anything, you know that you will

But in my head, is she mad?
Why would she leave a beautiful family like she had?
No I can’t get my head around that
What’s she doing? Wish I could tell you, but from where I’m at
Oh I’d love to live the life she left

Sure you’ll be okay, but only once you’re better
First you’ll feel the pain, then the anger that you let her
Make you feel today, when she wouldn’t stay
She couldn’t even say that you’d misunderstood


I will be your friend and I’ll be here if you need me
But what you need is her, she’s the fool who’s set on leaving
What you can’t always get back