Can I Be That To You

Music and lyrics by Harmony James

I come here with an offer, if I may be so bold
I’ve pondered long about it and it’s time I let you know
I have a proposition I’m putting on the line
‘til you make up your mind
I want to be the anchor, when you don’t want to go
I want to be your main sail when you feel the need to roam
To be the smile you need to see when you can’t raise your own
And feel like coming home

Can I be that to you?
Can I be that to you?
Can I be that to you?

I want to stand beside you and hear about your day
To learn about your misspent youth and as you come of age
I want to weather with you every challenge that you face
If you want me to stay


I’ve seen the winter settle in, and really take a hold
There’s rarely any reason for someone to live so cold
If you can find the courage to reveal your heart and soul
Don’t live and die alone
I want to make you understand your greatness I can see
To know that you can laugh or curse or cry in front of me
To be the one to guard your deepest secrets if you need
That’s who I want to be