I Can Wait

Music and Lyrics by Harmony James

Once there was a man with a piece of land
High on a fertile plain
He would plough it up with a sodbusters love
Ready for the soaking rain
Every bit of care that you could take he took
Followed to the letter and he did things by the book
The sun swung around and the winter overtook
And he said that’s okay, I can wait

After months of grey, snowdrifts melt away
Birds circle in the sky
Further cross the way, through shining waves of grain
As far as you could cast your eye
Over on his perfect patch of land he’d stand
Motionless he’d scratch his head, his hat in his hand
Not a seedling, not a single blade would stand
And he’d say that’s okay, I can wait

As you sew, you will reap
He hung on to that promise as he tried to find some sleep
And every morning he’d arise and look into the sky and say
Maybe it’s today, if not that’s okay, I can wait

Half his loans unpaid, his overalls all frayed
Waiting for one good sign
He’d take extra care, to not be unprepared
When fortune would finally smile
Making sure he didn’t miss one single step
Everything is gonna work out fine he said
Was the first thing in his mind as he’d crawl on out of bed
I’m so close that I’ve almost got the taste, I can wait


Once there was a man, with a piece of land, high