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(Music and lyrics by Harmony James) All I remember is a whole lot of nothing Where did my twenties just go Same thing each morning, same sleepless evenings Finally I

So Long

(Music and lyrics by Harmony James) So long, so long Wish me goodbye Then go and be gone So long You start the car, I’ll wave goodbye I’ll watch the


(Music and lyrics by Harmony James) You’ve got something special about you You bring light into everyone’s day I could ask nothing further from you But please don’t ever change


(Harmony James – J Albert & Sons) Today commemorates a day that never came I’ll find a place to be alone right through all thats going on Imagining the things


(Music and lyrics by Harmony James) I think I’ve finally found a home There’s nowhere else I have to go I’m where I’m meant to be after all these years


(Music and lyrics by Harmony James) I used to love these hours I’d rouse on you when the sound was turned up way too loud Pour you another cup Swat


Music and lyrics by Harmony James I have dreams and I have aspirations But I am crippled by my own limitations But one day hopefully, I’ll finally be Like the


(Music and lyrics by Harmony James) You’re like a headache that won’t quitI am the joke that you don’t quite getA day at the beach when the clouds roll in

Anna O

H. James (BMG) (Lyrics by B. Pappenheim (circa 1910) Love did not come to me – so I vegetate like a plant in a cellar without light Love did not